Lawn Care Programs

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Fertilization and weed control programs range from three to six visits. They begin the season with fertilizer and pre-emergent herbicide to control crabgrass and promote quick green up (unless new grass seed will be planted). Our applications provide long lasting, dark green color using slow release fertilizers containing iron. Each application is designed to promote the healthiest lawn through the different seasons. Weed control is provided on each application as needed provided temperatures are adequate.

Services Include:

  • Fertilization and weed control
  • Insecticide applications for both surface feeding insects and grubs
  • Fungicide to suppress various diseases
  • Core Aeration to reduce compaction
  • Over-seeding to promote a thicker lawn

Tree and Shrub Care Programs

Programs range from four to six applications. Each application includes examining trees and shrubs of less than twenty-five feet in height for insects, diseases, or other variables specific to your landscape. Applications are made to suppress or prevent insect and disease problems, without applying unnecessary pesticides into the environment.

Services Include:

  • Tree/ Shrub Insect and Disease Program
  • Insecticide or fungicide treatments for targeting of a specific pest or to protect specific trees or shrubs
  • Fertilization to provide nutrition
  • Tree injections to protect against insects
  • disease
  • or provide nutrients
  • Herbicide treatments to control weeds in landscape beds and tree rings

Other Services

Mole and Vole Control in both lawn and landscape beds

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